Taal is an initiative of the Ekastha Foundation through which we plan to promote music and education in Jharkhand. Our pilot project is in collaboration with the St. Michaels School for the blind in Ranchi. Ekastha has supported the school to make a music room for students to jam, practice and record their music. We ill support students who are extremely ambitious about music and help them build a career in the music industry


  1. To mentor differently-abled students who want to take up music as a profession and help them build a sustainable career. Visually impaired people have very limited career options and are marginalized by society. We believe that music can be a viable career option for many visually impaired people.
  2. To promote education in a state that ranks 32nd amongst the 36 states and union territories in terms of their literacy rate. We plan to promote education by starting music lessons in different parts of Jharkhand. We believe that this has the power to mobilize more children to take up education
  3. To promote music, environmental and basic education in different parts of Jharkhand. Our next step is to take Taal to a village near Dassam Falls. We also plan on hosting 1 shows to promote the upcoming talent from Jharkhand